Helmet PSD Template

Helmet PSD Template

Postby nbryant on Aug 20th, '09

Two things.

First. I download the psd helmet template and when I open it (Photoshop 7) it tells me there is an error in layer 19 and it deletes the layer. I am not sure why, what that layer is, or how it impacts the template itself. Looking for some insight on what may be causing the error and what layer 19 consists of.

Second. All of the work here is fantastic and historical. Are there any plans on allowing fictional creations that some league commishes may choose to use to support their leagues?
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Re: Helmet PSD Template

Postby KP14 on Aug 21st, '09

Hmm...maybe that Photoshop 7 doesn't support whatever is in that layer, the actual PSD was created in I guess what would be Photoshop 11 (CS3). Just a thought, I can see if I can fix it for you, but I can't make any guarantees. Send me a PM with your e-mail address and I'll try to get you a file that is suitable for PS7.

I have considered creating a sort of database on the side that would be for players that don't really have a place in the actual database, since that is really only for actual jerseys that have been worn (with a few exceptions). But, it's hard to say how that will work. It will really be up to how much time people have to do requests etc. What I do plan on doing in the mean time is adding more completed templates for people in AI format, unfortunately that is really the only way to make them available since the PS files aren't as editable. This at least gives people out there a chance to create fantasy players etc.
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